He is mirage in desert night He is pawn and ready to fight A theme of heart A piece of dirt fume of roses, and rotten muses. He is mirage in desert night. With lots of illusions blind and bright. Oh this the time to make me realise. Broken illusions welcoming life. Reality is what, … More Mirage

Book review zehan ki taqat se ilaaj by Kashif Fraz Ahmed

This book is associated the book of Dr. Vernon’s book MIND POWER in this he records his journey in gathering data for his book and its impact on mind and body. He discusses the turning in medical science, revolutions of medicines from homeopath to modern drugs and machinery and their over excessive usage. He also … More Book review zehan ki taqat se ilaaj by Kashif Fraz Ahmed


We often said that i don’t expect anything from anyone but deep in the core we expect from others or even from strangers. Whether the expectations are positive or negative but we do expect. And we never stop expecting from others and when the dummies of our expectations broke down we felt depressed and down.  … More Expectations

for APS martyrs

شہیدو ﮞ کہ خون کی بوند ﯿﮟ … جب اس سر زمین کو چھوتی ﮨﯿﮟ .. یہ جوش و ضبط ﻣﯿﮟ آکے .. .. بہت پاگل سی ہوتی ہے… کے پھر اس کے خاکساروﮞ کو… قدرت وہ حوصلہ بخشتی ہے … کے جس کو دیکھ کہ دشمن حیرت ﻣﯿﮟ مر ہی جاتا ہے… فلک بھی … More for APS martyrs

Zulmat kadah

Dedicated to the death of humanity and morality of youth. Saira Hafeez The-Writer یہ جو سرخی ہے آج فلک پے چھائی سی کس بے گناہ کی آج رسوائی ہے؟ یہ چراغوں کو کیا ہوااب سے یہ تو جلنے سے ہی گریزاں ہیں ان اندھیروں میں مشعلیں نہ روشن ہوں کہ اب تو آنکھوں سے گئی … More Zulmat kadah