Death is not the end and he proved it.

Imam Hussain (R. A) died?
Do you know what is death actually?
Death is a end of ones golden period.
It puts end over one’s name, fame and existence.
Death is actually a cure of worldly life and end of glory.

But Hussain (R. A) is not dead he is a Martyr.
Martyrs got eternal life by sacrificing their lives.
He make the glorious act of sacrifice in the history of islam.
It is only because of him that Islam is still alive.
He is living is the teaching of Islam,
He is living in our hearts,
He is living in the Jannah,
He is living in the words of history,
He is still renowned.
He is far away from death.
He still exist.
Then why grief? why funeral? And why making mock over his deeds.

Then ask the mockers is Hussain (R. A) is died?
Do you have any doubt over his sacrifices that you put his eternal life into your eternal funeral?
Those who did they denied the verses of Quran indeed that:
“All the martyrs are alive in place you don’t know and they are getting Rizq from us they can never die. So never call them dead. ”

Saira Hafeez.


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