Think for a while.

And when you touches the highest point of education, you became alien to racism, nationalism, gender discrimination and extremism…….

Why there’s so much chaos and disorder, when we think that we are one nation? Why do we didn’t respect each others views and believes?

Above all We are human and then anything else…
As our beloved Prophet (S. A. W. W) never differentiates people on the basis of colour, cast or country.
He came to promote humanism and equality,
his message is not just for muslims, but for the whole humanity until the day of judgement.
As because he is the Rehmatall lil Alamein.

Just think for a while….. That,
Did he looked down upon anyone in his whole life on the basis of racism, or did he hit anything or
anyone in anger? Never he can’t because he wants us to
understand the importance of
humanity and to educate our
selves with peace, tolerance and courtesy….

So why we should differentiate people on the basis of climate, colour and language?
Do we are really humans?? Or a true followers of Muhammad (S. A. W. W)…..
We are drinking a french beer in a Desi glass…..
Promoting some foreign slogans and cutting our own roots.
We are really blind to see into the reality of things, in this world of extreme callousness and snobbish attitude,
do you really think that anyone is true to you? Or to your nation?

Here now a days none of our blood relations are our own, so how can they be??
What a open eyes dream in which we are living. That our leaders are our torch bearers of life destiny…..
If you have working mind think before doing anything.
Or remain living as a carcass.
So the vultures can easily eat your flesh…..



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