Journey towards Experience. – chapter one

August 2014

Early morning in the summer times of Pakistan. As summer are really tough for sometimes in Rawalpindi. One of the big cities in Punjab Pakistan.
A young girl of about 22 years old just woke up with a hurry at 6:30 am.

She is of moderate height and almond continence and dark brown hairs. Her eyes are something more than a thousands greenish brownish colours. She just woke up and look at the clock it was early for her to wake up at 6:30.

But she has to control her nerves and put her senses into stability. Lots of things travelling in her mind and the feeling of frantic and nervousness and etc. today she has to go for an interview in a school for job or most appropriately a demo.

She belongs to a middle class family where lots of hurdles stand in front of girls to go out and work they also up bring children in such a way that they loose their self confident and have fears of everything. Such a uncomfortable environment for a great person to live in and endure. But whats so all there and 90% people of Pakistan who are facing and living in these situations.

Well well her family is not as much strict as compared to some others are, a sense of support and liberty and they allow girls to make their career but towards a respectable field.

She wear her shalwar kameez and put her prepared notes in her bag and say Allah hafiz to family and put her first step out side the home.
She is a introvert and fearful kind of girl but she walked through the streets with sheer confidence and recite some of Surah in her heart along way.
All the process of being in an interview is telecasting again and again in her head. And her past experience when she go for a demo without even knowing about it.

She was unaware of such kind of things like that the school people will take demo or what kinda thing it is to perform. Such an inexperienced and innocence or most likely to say dumb girl in the fast and furious era of 22nd century.



                                CHAPTER TWO

Entrance in the school.

A maid Aunty opens the big brown door of the school….

Some of the kids are walking back and forth there. Considerable hustle and bustle is present there.

” come in beta what you want.”
” i was called for a demo for teaching. ”
” oh all right come in here is the principal’ s office. “

The film running in her mind was some  kind of a horror movie where a small frail chick is being captivated by the clutches of cruel eagle.
It looked like a haunted house,  in which the Archangels are waiting to cut her off into thousands of pieces. These are the visualised imaginations in her mind right now.

Every time we open a door towards the road of experience we feel thousand types of fears. The fear of humility, fear of being inexperienced, fear of being rejected, the fear being not appropriate, lack of self esteem and confidence.

And what so ever we have to face it after all it is our journey and we have to pass it out.
And in this way we become the first raw bite of the gorgon mouthed practical life journey.
Where there is a hell for innocence and frailty.
You have to snatch, you have to protect yourself, you have to fall for one and get up for hundreds of time.

Well then……
She knock on door and asked for coming inside.
Request approved and she gets in. “Assalam o Alaikum” from both sides.
” i was called for demo Ma’m.”
” yes alright can i see your cv. ”
She give her cv to principal.

Principal was also a young lady of about 27. Fare tight up hairs and elegant in looks. She seems quite thoughtful and intelligent.

And then here comes a little introduction as it is asked in every interview.
“So from you did fsc then and now doing masters.”
” i did it from a renowned college of Rawalpindi.

” good well thats great on your part. As we take demo from teacher and i think you ll pass it as I’m guessing from your talking. ”
She called up a teacher from outside to give her some books and declare some topics for demo.

It take half an hour to prepare. Then she took her to three class but they gave her the books of seventh standard so she get little bit of confused to see such abruption. As being over sensitive and emotional she deliver a lecture in urdu to make them understand the lightening of clouds yet she get confused so much, that her heart beat could be listen by her ears.
Well then the demo gorgon came and say….
” You are just explaining them in urdu don’t you feel you should explain in English too.”
” i just feel that they don’t have books so how do they will understand so i am just telling them the synopsis. “

Well its over now and the get back to principal’s office.
” your demo was not good. As due to lack of experience or what but don’t you worry we take three days demo from teachers may be first time you could not be comfortable or anything else would you like to come again. “

” as they don’t have books so i just explain. I will come tomorrow. “

She get her bag and move towards her home. All hopes are dead and the attitude of that demo gorgon put a horrible impact of practical life on her mind and heart. On the way towards home she is thinking about all the things happened their but trying to sooth herself  relaxing her mind and soul. Her confidence level, self esteem and desire to get into professional life is horribly broken and being hyper sensitive she could not even sleep not in day time and not in the night. As she possess  a very literary taste and write poetry and other self writings she put her pen and write a poem on that……  Just came out if her heart.

” Gorgon headed demo monster girl.
She possesses the Gorgon of Hatred.
She possesses the Gorgon of Pride.
She possesses the Gorgon of Fear.
She possesses the Gorgon of Evil.
I see ghost of hatred inside her soul.
I see the lechery behind the doors.
I see the monster eating my flesh.
I see her on the top of inferno.
Burning roasting my heart and soul.
With her ugly red blooded hands.
She took the life of many innocent hearts.
How could she be too much rude.
A demon of hate, lust and Pride.
I just don’t want her again or avoid. “


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