school going

When i was a child, i used to go to School.
The first thing comes in my mind every morning is school.
It looks like a haunted cottage,
Where Archprince is teaching his disciples,
They also teach me, and i learn to do paradoxical
There I learn,
To conceal what is apparent,
To steal what doesnot belongs to me,
To abuse who is different from me,
I learn to deceive my fellows,
And to cheat in every Exam,

And all in that teaching,
I have really lost myself and my vision is blurred,
Now i cant recognize the person i see every morning in mirror,
He may be of some kind of,
A beast, A monster, A disciple or a fallen being,
It is hard task to recongnize any way,
And now I think,

After being Educated,
Am just a hollow ball, beeping all around on every strike,

I used to remember my school going ,
When i was a child i go to shool, , , , ,


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