Hy there everyone i’m Saira Hafeez from Pakistan a writer from my birth who ever is reading this its my warmest hy to  you all. Its my very first attempt to write a story of this genre. There could be mistakes but you people must vote and support me thanks. It will be modified again and again until its publication. 🙂

As you are going to dig out the observations i made on the really frustrated, extremist and hypocrite society and human being I’m surrounded by.

A family living full of  frustration and upset situation of home and out side of home the hypocrite society and people and extremist who made it worst and of-course in their minds and hearts.

Mr. And Mrs. Hoofy are living in Islamabad with their three children two boys and on girl.

Days are hot as sun shines on its peak and the situations of house is pretentiously  good but inside tearing and torn every family member’s personalities and psychological ideology. And the doings of outsiders will finally depreciate all of them and their lives.





Year 2016 summer on its peak is the capital city of Pakistan Islamabad.

(A boy standing in front of a window, side covers are of off white colour. He is silent and looks like he is in deep thoughts.

He is staring something outside through window, mysteriously and a subtle storm like silence is glaring from his fare face.
Down on roads different people going to their desired or work places, mothers pushing their kids to go to schools. Newspaper hawkers throwing newspaper and going swiftly on their bikes.

He has a well proportioned body and handsome face, dark black colour hair, dark brown deep and disappointed  eyes.

The room is really well furnished with pale off-white colour impacting on everything in this room. Dullness and gloominess dipping out of everything. There are a lot of spiritual, religious and philosophical book on the book shelves.)

A diary on study table with black and red colour and a black pen. It just write the blackness and gloominess out of it.
He has written something of the page,

I’m going to make it. “

It is not cleared that what he is going to do. He studies in third year and his parents are really disturbance making people at home they fight everyday and night aimlessly and hopelessly.

As he is getting late for college. Chips polished rich stair he pass one by one slowly it looks like he is sick or hell tired.
Going downstair he listens his dad.

“You could not make tea till now what you do all day long at home you dumb.”

Agh… not again Gloomy muttered slowly.

He is speaking to mum in a very pungent and indignant manner.
As on watching me and my brother and sister they get silent. But mumbling in disgust to each other.

Take your breakfast in hurry you are getting late all.” Mum ordered.

They take our breakfast with little family conversation about their near exams and the unnecessary rise in college fees and expenses.

Gloomy have one elder brother and an elder sister named Bloomy and Winnie.

Bloomy doing  job and also studying. He has a fair countenance jolly, muscular and manipulative nature.

Hey what the rush today. Going worst then ever y- you know. Hey fatty fatty Winnie ugly monster. ”
Said bloomy on the breakfast table everyone asks him to quite.

Winnie pass him a deadly stare.
Winnie is a smart young lady in her metric looks little elder than her real age due to frequent use of makeovers.

They all leave for their respective places leaving mum alone home.

On way to college
Bloomy: mom dad are so disturbing kinda people, I’m so exhausted that even if someone greet me today i ll kill them.

May be i can change this attitude over here, but how am a boy yet and what if they beat me oh hells.”

Bloomy:  Changed his mind and says
” Hey! Gloomy let us go for a ride out .. there, I’ll show you something secret to all yet,
Are you coming Dork!”
He said while smirking.

Gloomy: ” whats that thing. And whats that secret?  Are you gonna kill me there big dork. “

“Naah just come on have fun and heck of this grudging mind off. I i just going hell mad.”  Say hitting his forehead frustratedly

“Okay…. So I’m in for going but no evil plans. As i don’t want to get burn is my next life also. ” said in sarcastic manner.

On side of the road huge mob is protesting against government policies and corrupt nature of political leaders.  Huge sounds thrashing their ears. Roads get blocked for long hours they reached to college late very hardly.


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